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a pilot “productive park”

As a group, our strategy is practical: to reclaim waste spaces along the rivers that currently run through Kibera for new community amenities. These spaces are public land and if cleared of trash and fortified by basic flood control, can form a new infrastructure that houses cottage industries, playspaces, and local sanitation services that not only service the community but also begin to remediate the environmental degradation in the area. Such a space addresses priority concerns such as youth idleness, the few economic opportunities, and a complete lack of trash and sanitation services. By initiating the project through strong community organizations and coordinating the efforts of relevant partners, our vision is to create a new community based infrastructure that is financially and physically self-sustaining and can be easily replicated by other residents in Kibera – and beyond. We hope that by demonstrating the success of this project – physically, socially, and economically – the k.p.s. model can catalyze + kick-start the larger, more systemic programs out there for improving conditions in Kibera.

k.p.s. is a testing ground for different technologies + partnerships, offering the support of local leaders and the community, a replicable model, and, most importantly, a different perspective and potential solution to the “problems” facing Kibera.

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