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St. Anthony Trailer Park: KDI’s First US-Based Site

KDI’s first U.S. site will be working with the residents in the St. Anthony Trailer Park near Mecca, CA in the Eastern Coachella Valley. St. Anthony is home to an estimated 570 people (approximately 282 children, 100 teenagers, and 188 adults), all from the same area in Michoacán, Mexico. In February 2011, KDI conducted several community workshops at St. Anthony to understand what the community viewed as their most press­ing needs and how a Productive Public Space could be used to address them. In March we started a pilot project with the community, the creation of a Community Art Garden, which primarily focused on involving the youth of the trailer park. The garden used recycled tires (some collected from the open areas of the park) as well as soil and plants.

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