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Kounkuey Design Intitiative Film Making Position

Kounkuey Design Initiative (“KDI”) partners with residents of impoverished areas to create low-cost, high-impact public spaces that transform communities, improving the residents’ daily lives and future prospects. Begun in 2006, KDI is an innovative international partnership specializing in the practices of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and urban planning. KDI believes that participatory planning and design are key to sustainable development. By working collaboratively with communities from conception through implementation, we build on their ideas, enhance them with technical knowledge and design innovation, and connect them to extant resources. In doing so, KDI empowers communities to advocate for themselves and address the major physical, social and economic challenges they face.

KDI is looking to fill an open position for our Coachella film project. The expected outcome of the film project is a 5-10 minute documentary depicting the story of the Eastern Coachella Valley and KDI’s Productive Public Space project there. Range of work will include developing content, storyboarding, arranging interviews, filming and editing. The film project will be based in Los Angeles with trips to Coachella for filming. Exact dates are flexible, but we are hoping to begin storyboarding as soon as possible and expect the bulk of filming to be in September (though unexpected delays in construction may require filming in October).

This is an unpaid position that will allow someone to build their film reel. Candidates looking to blend an interest in entrepreneurship with experience in film have the opportunity to join KDI for the summer. Independent workers with an eye for the unusual will be most competitive for the role. It may be possible for a film student to receive school credit for the project as an internship. We may also be able to assist the candidate in finding alternative funding and can provide a stipend for travel to and from Coachella.

For further information about KDI and our Coachella Valley project, visit our blog at blog.kounkuey.org, call us at 213.985.1222, or email Benjamin Twigg at ben@kounkuey.org. Individuals wishing to apply for the position should send their resume and cover letter to Benjamin Twigg at ben@kounkuey.org.

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