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Tales From the Field: Good to be back!

On July 1st, after 20 hours of flight, I arrived in Nairobi from Japan. It’s my 3rd time in Kenya, and 2nd time working in Kibera.

As we walked through Kibera on our first day, I was taken back to 2006 when I first worked in Kibera. On the surface, it seems like things have not changed much since then. Most streets are still unpaved, a sewage system has not yet installed, and trash is everywhere. But good things are kept too. Activities on streets are vibrant and kids running around always have friends in the neighborhood to play with.

The first day started at site 1, helping the women’s group called “Kiki Weavers” harvesting Water Hyacinth. Water Hyacinth are used as materials to weave baskets. All three of us (interns) went to the field to help the women, and got tanned very badly. We all underestimated Kenya’s winter sun…..

In the next two months, I will be helping community groups like Kiki Weavers at site 1 and 2 to improve or expand their businesses. Activities range from simple book keeping to forming a business plan with cost and benefit analysis to request funding. I will also conduct community surveys at site 3 to identify potential businesses community groups can start.



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2 Responses to Tales From the Field: Good to be back!

  1. Mandy Senhen says:

    Hi Yumi,

    Chelina sent some info and perhaps we could start a discussion of what your thoughts are and where you see things going. Beth and I will be arriving in Nairobi on July 21st. Eager to begin.

  2. Kounkuey says:

    Hi Mandy! Yes we can start discussing. Let me know if you want to skype or just exchange emails. I’m really looking forward to meeting two of you 🙂

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