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Tales From the Field: Everyday life in Kibera

While the rest are telling stories about what we did in the past few days here in Kibera, I will tell you about everyday life in Kibera. We start our days early in the morning and meet up with the rest of the group for the nice peaceful walk from home to Kibera. At the entrance everyday some of the local KDI people meet us to walk us into the settlement. Kibera is the largest African slum full of 24 hours of action: smell of food, burnt plastic, dust that covers all over, kids screaming “hello how are you! “ from all the corners of the tiny shacks. Everything is here shoe repair, grocery shops, construction workshops, hairdresser salons, bars, schools and homes. It seems like a big chaos from the beginning, but after 5 days passing every day I started to recognize some of the places. Everyday a part of our walk/adventure is the railway line. It is like another planet with shops along it and hundreds of people moving here and there with meat or cement bag on the backs. We walk a lot from one project site to another, getting materials for our contracts and meeting the local community members. By walking every day we get to know Kibera better and better.




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2 Responses to Tales From the Field: Everyday life in Kibera

  1. Marce says:

    Cool. Could be a good example of participative walking in social anthropology.

  2. Tendo Nagenda says:

    any chance you have an email blast that goes out when you update the sight?! amazing stuff.

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