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Tales From the Field: Playground Design


This week, we’ve made some significant progress at Site #2. The showers, toilets and water tap have been open for sometime, but we’re planning to have our official opening in 2-3 weeks when we’re done building the kiosks and playground. With a tight deadline, we’ve been working at full speed, with brick curing going on at Site #1 and timber poles going in at the Site #2 kiosk center. Just on the other side of the river where the bathrooms sit, I’m working on playground designs for a very tight space; so I’ve decided to build upwards (as seen in the sketch) to maximize the potential play space. The plan is to make the playground as durable and easy-to-build as possible, considering limited resources. I plan on keeping the design simple, basing it off of an exploding 3D grid made of gum poles. (I’m very much open to ideas if anyone has suggestions.) Unfortunately, there is too much traffic interference for standard swings, with a bridge and several homes around the site perimeter. However, I’m taking advantage of fairly loose safety codes relative to Western standards. But obviously, it will have to be a safe play area and approved by the community. This upcoming week, we’ll be discussing concepts with the community, while the kiosks continue to go up.




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