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Tales From the Field: Well-Adjusted


Today was one of the few days where my tasks extended across all of our three sites. Early this morning, we spent time surveying the land at KPSP #3 with the local community. It was quite a scene as members from various community groups helped to stake out points for measurement and use the water level with makeshift bamboo rod-measuring tapes to determine the topographic mapping. After a long morning and stepping into at least three different varieties of fecal piles, I was ready to move on to check the progress at KPSP #2. There, we’ve made some significant progress of prepping the playground site by inserting a proper drainage pipe and escavating where the edge meets the river to place supporting gabions. But as exciting as it is to see the progress, it’s still disheartening to see how many layers of trash is actually below our feet. As you can see, there are endless layers of plastic, along with other treasures (so far I’ve found anything from a knife to a glass mug while digging). The garbage is so boundless in Kibera that one of the workers mentioned that he witnessed a woman throw her mature stillbirth down the side of the river, only to be quickly ravaged by feasting dogs. Not sure how to transition from there, but moving on from that disturbing event, James and I met with the other interns at KPSP #1 to help paint the movable walls and shelves in the shade structure to prepare for the opening of the school in the coming week(s). So despite a week without Chelina in Kibera, I think we’ve finally got a handle on things!


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