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Tales From the Field: The New and Best Bakery

Today, I want to talk about the Bahati Bakery. A bakery run by 5 women from the community of Site 2. These women proposed to run a bakery, and asked KDI to support the process of starting a shop. They completed the baking training, and started selling vanilla cakes and breads by borrowing an oven. They are now at the last stage of the process of opening their shop.

The goal of community activities is to make them sustainable. There are a number of factors affecting the sustainability, but in a low income community like Kibera, monetary incentives is one of the big factors. If people know they can make money (in a short run), they will stay. If the monetary return is unclear, people start finding different options. So, together with the Bahati Bakery members, myself and the local intern calculated monthly cash flow and salary to each member, and planned a loan repayment schedule. These clarify how much the business can make, and also raise the group responsibility and incentive on planning expenses to maximize the profit.

During the process of developing a business plan, we involved the Bahati Bakery members as much as possible so that they can modify the plan whenever necessary. We asked them to get quotes for each ingredient, explained the process of calculating costs and profit carefully in Swahili, and taught them how to plan on long term and day to day expenses by teaching book keeping. The local intern was also involved in this process so that she can also help the Bakery if a problem arises.

With the business plan, they are now in the process of finalizing the cost, and forming the request of a loan. We are aiming to open the shop by the beginning of August. I’m really looking forward to the grand opening day of the bakery♪




2 Responses to Tales From the Field: The New and Best Bakery

  1. Tendo Nagenda says:

    Fantastic! Where’d the bakery training come from? was it extensive? can’t wait for the opening!

  2. Karolina says:

    Saved, I love your blog! 🙂

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