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Tales From the Field: Starting Business at Site 3

It has been almost a month since we came to Kenya. And finally, I started working on my tasks at the new site: Site 3. At Site 3, my task is to find business opportunities for the community. Just as Site 1 and 2, small enterprises run by community members will generate income to maintain the public space, and to improve the living of community members.

In order to find the right business for the Site 3 community, me and the two Kibera interns (Irene and Fredrik) conducted a needs assessment survey last week. The survey aims to find out 1) what the community members want to do, 2) what service is lacking in the community, and 3) what local resource can potentially be turned into business.

The first round of survey received 40 responses. We are planning to conduct one more round of the same survey to increase the sample size. After analyzing the results, we will go back to the community with lists of ideas they provided, and think together about what is the best fit for Site 3 community.

We just finished analyzing the first 40 responses, and it is very interesting to find out what community members identified as “resource” in the area. As Kiki Weavers at Site 1 uses water hyacinth growing near by as materials to weave baskets, and as RUG Brick Makers at Site 2 uses local soil to make bricks, I hope we can plan an innovative business model at Site 3 as well by using local products.


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