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Tales From the Field: From Local Intern – Irene

This week, we would like to introduce the local interns we are each working with together.

Irene is one of the Kenyan interns working as a community organizer with me. She grew up in another slum in Nairobi called Huruma, and then moved into Kibera when she was 5 years old. She has been actively engaging in the community by participating in a youth group. She is a very friendly and lovely girl, and I am so happy to have a chance working with her. I asked her to respond to following questions and tell us about herself.

1.  Where in Kibera do you live?

Laini Saba community, near site 1.

2.  What is your background?

• I studied sales and marketing at a college called Kenya polytechnic.

• I also took some computer lessons.

• I was also trained as a human rights monitor and a paralegal [kitou cha sheria center for legal justice]. In the past, I have worked as an assistant coordinator at the justice center in Kibera.

3.  Why did you choose KDI?

This because, I have much interest in working with the community in terms of improving peoples’ living standards. I also found my experiences and skills dealing with communities, which I gained through the training with [kituo cha sheria], are ideal matches to the work. I find KDI the best place that suits me because it deals with community work and this will help me improve my skills and experience in community development.

4.  What do you like about the job?

The most interesting task was learning and teaching record keeping. This was a great experience based on my career study (sales and marketing).

5.  What was the most difficult task?

 The most difficult part was during the trial week: walking from one place to another, and handling different kinds of people was quite a challenge. But now it is no longer a challenge, through the training and the experience that KDI has offered me.

6.  What do you want to do next?

I still would love to work with the community, monitoring the already existing projects and make sure that the communities are in a better position to manage these projects by themselves.

7.  Any comments?

KDI is an organization that is really helping Kibera community come up with long lasting solutions to their problems. This is through coming up with income generating activities, building toilets in abandoned places making the community a better place.

-Irene (& Yumi)

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