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Tales From the Field: Site 2 Business Updates

While we showed you some of the physical side of the project at KPSP 02, all of our projects have an economic component. We help create small businesses at each of the sites in order to sustain the project’s physical components and increase individual income generation of community members. KPSP 02 has two major small enterprises: a baking cooperative and a brick making cooperative.

Since the opening of the toilets/shower rooms and the playground, the business development at Site 2 has also seen in progress.

This week, the Bahati Bakery finally opened near Site 2! The opening had delayed for about 3 weeks than the bakery originally planned. But with the help of one of the members at RUG who own several properties in Kibera, the bakery finally found the right place and settled in. The first week’s sales went pretty well. The profit averaged $1,000shs (about USD $11.00 ) a day. This is a very good record for a Kibera business.

The team work is also improving thanks to the team building training Mandy and Beth conducted last week. Members are talking honestly about their concerns, trying to find solutions together, and each of them is actively seeking work to do. Officers are more aware of their responsibilities, and building confidence. Though they are facing problems in terms of costs (prices of eggs, margarine, and sugar is increasing rapidly), I’m sure the bakery will be a successful business model run by women at Site 2.

The Brick Makers are also getting ready to expand their business. In the past few weeks, the Brick Makers visited several soil providers to find cheap soil to lower their cost. They identified a potential provider, and are now testing the quality of the soil. They are also building their marketing skills by researching competitors. In addition, they also completed a training on book keeping this week. They will soon be busy making bricks for construction at Site 1 and 3.

Members of each business are very eager to expand their businesses, and spread the benefit to people in Kibera. And the good thing is, they are not just saying but also showing that through their action. I will soon leave Kenya, finishing up my internship, but I hope to see their business growing bigger if I have a chance to come back.



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