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Here at KDI we are always looking to develop better projects, models, and methodologies that will increase quality of life for the communities we work with. While our projects are the physical manifestations of this evolution, we also try to actively participate in a dialogue with other design and community development professionals. Presenting our work alongside other projects as part of the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt’s “Design with the Other 90%: Cities” exhibition at the United Nations in New York City is one of the ways we are continuing the discussion. Open and free to the public from October 15 through January 9, 2012, the exhibition is part of the Cooper Hewitt’s ongoing series that looks at design solutions that are for (and sometimes by) the world’s population not traditionally serviced by the professional design community.

KDI will be presenting KPSP 01 through a 3-D model of the area. For more information on the Cooper Hewitt and the Exhibition: http://cooperhewitt.org/

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