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Haiti in March: Returning Home

Leaving Bonneau and the Northwest of Haiti was an entirely different experience from the one we had on arrival. Wanting to spend a day in Port-au-Prince to check out soil stabilized bricks being produced for a GHESKIO project, we left St. Louis du Nord by bus in the middle of the night. An overnight crowded bus trip over mostly unpaved roads only emphasized the lack of infrastructure and service provision we had seen over the previous week. Driving through Port-au-Prince – in traffic that was worse then Los Angeles –  there were signs of change; tents had been removed, debris had been removed. The soil-stabilized bricks we found being produced in Haiti were different to those RUG produced for KDI’s KPSP02 project. They were larger, white, and composed of a different mixture of dirt, sand, and clay. Our hope is to find a way to use these types of bricks in our projects in Haiti.

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