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KPSP 04: Here we go!
On Saturday the 15th of September, KDI formally launched our fourth project in Kibera: KPSP 04. Ground breaking was done by District Officer Hesbon Kayesi and the area Chief Ombati. There were presentations from community members from KPSP 01, 02, 03 and our future site 05. The community groups from KPSP 04 presented. The Ndovu women performed a Boran song/dance and the chairperson from Usalama youth group recited an original poem. With the official groundbreaking concluded, construction is now in full force as we are installing the gabions that will secure the site from future flooding.

One Response to KPSP 04: Here we go!

  1. chris okere fenson hood says:

    I love this thanks so much Kounkuey Design Initiative for the good work that you people are doing in my village back in kenya that’s awesome keep on with the good work

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