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Coachella: St. Anthony PPS Underway

It has been an exciting past two weeks in the Coachella Valley as the St. Anthony PPS is making progress. When we arrived at the site Saturday morning, a few people were just finishing putting up the chain link fence on the far side of the PPS. While construction began on the stage foundations, the rest of the group worked on painting the wood that will be used for the stage with a waterproof primer. All the wood was painted, dried, and stored by the day’s end. In addition, work was done on the above ground flower beds: leveling out the compost and watering down the beds with a hose.

Throughout the day, other small but meaningful advances were made. The survey process began with practice surveys given to a couple of residents, with the idea of having the survey eventually reaching the larger St. Anthony community. The women at the site organized themselves and signed up for Starting a Small Business training classes. Also, the children came together to review the playground options and place their final vote for which park they want for their community. A consensus was made and the playground officially decided upon.

I started with KDI two weeks ago and last Saturday was only my second time visiting the Coachella PPS. I am looking forward to returning next weekend and continuing the progress on the stage, and also starting the micro-business classes and getting to know some of the women of St. Anthony better.



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