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KPSP 04: A Journey to Start

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve shared with you blog posts on the clean-up and official launch of our fourth site in Kibera: KPSP 04. What we haven’t shown you is the long journey it took – over the last 9 months – in order to start construction. After a long Request for Proposals we entered into a preliminary MOU agreement with the applicant Slum Care, a community-based group located in Laini Saba, for a project on a site located at the Laini Saba/Lindi border.

In early July, we held our first community meeting on site in order to allow the surrounding community and residents an opportunity to know more about the project and join the process.

Out of this meeting two new community-based groups were formed from interested residents living adjacent to the site. Ndovu, a group formed from older residents a majority of whom are women, and Usalama, a youth group formed from the Laini Saba and Lindi youth.

These groups have been able to bring new and innovative ideas to the design process that followed our first meeting. Both representing a powerful and exciting presence for the future of the site.

With these groups we conducted two months of design workshops to determine the site amenities and concept for the project.

During this time our summer interns led the design workshops, helped the new community based groups create constitutions and elect their leaders, held business development meetings, and surveyed the site.

Although this process had challenges the community and KDI were able to design a project that will provide new security, sanitation, recreation, meeting spaces, and economic activity for the area. Construction has now been underway for the last couple of months and this past week the gabions – the component that allows us to expand the buildable area and prevent flooding from the river – were completed. We can hardly wait to see how the design will take shape as construction continues throughout the fall and winter.

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