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Garden Milagros in St. Anthony

This year we were lucky to work a second time with artist Helen Lessick, this time at our project in St. Anthony. In the Spring Helen led an art workshop with the youth of the park asking them to draw their aspirations for the public space using the traditions of Milagros as a starting point. Over the next few months Helen transformed their drawings into ten Milagro “templates” that represented the kids’ many wishes. This past Saturday Helen and KDI friend Toni DeVito joined us to take those templates back to St. Anthony and lead the kids in selecting shapes, painting them and hanging them on the garden fence as a temporary art piece. Our hope is that we will be able to take this concept and turn it into a more permanent art piece for the garden and the public space.

One Response to Garden Milagros in St. Anthony

  1. Tendo says:

    Fantastic! inspired to learn more about Milagro and see what interpretations the kids come up with.

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