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Starting the Year Off Right: North Shore, Seguro y Limpio

If the first week of 2013 is any indication, this year will be a busy and exciting one for us here at KDI. On the First Friday of January we held our First community meeting for our Second project in the Eastern Coachella Valley. The project will be located in North Shore, a four-neighborhood community adjacent to the Salton Sea. Having met twice before with smaller groups this was our kick-off meeting for the project and the entire North Shore community. Over 45 adults and 20-something kids joined us for the meeting that was graciously held on the back patio of one of the residents. For the chilly night, residents brought tamales and atole to share and warm our hands, stomachs, and souls. We had prepared two activities to introduce the project to the community and create a community vision for the project. The first activity separated the residents into three groups. Each group was asked to choose three priorities from seven themes that would help improve North Shore. The two adult groups chose the same three priorities: Environment, Security, and Transportation/Mobility. The youth group chose to prioritize Health over Environment. The second activity built off of the first. Residents were given pictures of components that they could use to build a better North Shore and were asked to place them on a Matrix with one axis scoring the relationship to their priorities, the other scoring the component based on community desire. Residents brought each component up to the front of the patio and together decided where they should be placed on the Matrix. We will continue the participatory design process building off of the Matrix selections at our next workshop on Friday, January 25th at the Salton Sea Yacht Club.

A big thanks to Tendo Nagenda for taking pictures during the meeting!

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  1. Tendo says:

    Thanks for th shout but unnecessary! I was honored and amazed by the workshop – the level of community enthusiasm, participation and great ideas was incredibly inspiring as was the facilitation by KDI!

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