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KPSP03: The Launch


For a long time the dream of accomplishing this project seemed far from becoming a reality, but now we are happy to say that it has come true. It was not easy bringing KPSP 03 to this point of celebration. Since starting the project in September 2011 with physical construction and clean-ups supported by the two groups KCI and BRIDGE that partnered with KDI to implement the project, we had hopes of completing by spring-time. Unfortunately, we encountered many challenges including community issues, rainfall and flooding that interfered with our timeline, leading us to come up with a new “timeline to completion” ending in December 2012. On December 15, 2012 we finally held the long awaited launch of KPSP03. The completed project includes: a multipurpose structure, business kiosks, a play space for kids, a spring box and laundry area, and poultry structure, as well as improved drainage and flood protection. The guest of honour, being the area chief, was accompanied by other local administrators from the region and representatives from all KDI related projects. In the presence of the community the inauguration continued, but not before both the invited guests and the locals were entertained with skits, comedies, songs, and dancing from the invited groups. Before introducing everyone to the business of the day, the main word that was spoken on that day was SUCCESS.


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