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Narok Water Exploration

On the 11th of January the KDI team was invited to Lengina primary school, a 3 hour drive outside of Nairobi towards the Maasai Mara. We were welcomed by many members of the community, including Julius – who had invited KDI to visit, the community elders, the village chief, and many more interested in seeing our arrival.

The community had asked for assistance in providing a new clean source of water on the school grounds for its 512 pupils. The current water source is a polluted river located 15km away from the school. According to the community the new water source would allow the school to provide boarding facilities to the secondary school students, paving way for increased education access to the children who live far away from the school, traveling every day. The community also dreams of other benefits that the water could provide such as irrigation for vegetables to supplement the pupil’s diets and growing trees for shade to escape the hot Narok sun. The impact of the new water source will extend outside the school area with the potential to provide water for up to 5,000 people who live within the water source’s catchment.

-Amos and John Phillips

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