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St. Anthony: Learning to Grow


On Sunday our first gardening class at St. Anthony was held in partnership with the University of California, Riverside, Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Program. This would not have been possible without the fearless leadership of Master Gardener Molly Lyle who worked with KDI to develop a gardening program for youth to be taught at the community garden. Molly presented a proposal to the UCCE board, which was subsequently approved (!), to teach youth about gardening and nutrition at the St. Anthony Trailer Park. The classes are part of a program called TWIGS and the kids will earn a certificate from the University of California, Riverside upon completion!

Our first class was an introduction to the many exciting ones to come. Five Master Gardeners presented the future classes to the kids and then helped them with two art projects to enhance their home and community garden. The first project created a cast of a leaf in sand and cement. For the second project the kids decorated a pole with butterflies, wire, and marbles to be used to help vines, beans, and other plants climb as they grow. Twenty kids went home with two new art and garden pieces and anticipation for the Sunday to come.

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