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Design Workshop for KPSP 05

Between the 26th of January and the 1st of April 2013, we conducted four Design Workshops to initiate our newest project, Kibera Public Space Project 05.

Community participants partook in exercises and activities that drew out the information the designers will use to create the project plans. From deciding the programs and businesses to the type of materials to be used, the community are involved in the entire decision process.

The workshops followed a strategic progression.

The first workshop was focused on bringing the community and designers into understanding the site and its dynamics. Community members and KDI facilitators split into groups to investigate specific elements of the site and then map them on sheets. Groups successfully mapped the community activities, pathways, environmental features, physical space and businesses to produce a database of the existing conditions of the site.

The second workshop endeavored to prioritize programs for the public space. The two activities of the day sought out ideas for both social well-being and business oriented programs that would improve some of the most concerning social and environmental challenges that the local people face. In the third workshop, the community prioritized programs and arranged them on site in groups. Finally, in the third workshop, KDI made an educational presentation on several options of decentralized toilets. The group chose to go for a composting toilet, possibly with an additional liquid waste treatment using constructed wetlands. The groups also voted on aesthetic options for the buildings.

Following this series, we are ready to inaugurate the project with a Ground-Breaking Ceremony to be held within the next month.

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