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Bamboo training centre in korogocho Nairobi.

Due to our rising demand to use bamboo for construction, we wanted to increase our knowledge on how to work with the material. Despite our skills in construction, the KDI Kenya team organized a visit to learn more about bamboo and its uses. On the tour of Korogocho, one of the slums around Nairobi, we met a team of young people using bamboo to produce a variety of things: furniture, household decorations, candle cups, pen holders, and much more. This program is operated by Kenya bamboo center under the management of Mboya, in partnership with Chiara Camozzi, coopi (cooperazione internazionale) project manager, whose mission is to improve a healthy and sustainable environment and promote employment by providing technical skills to the vulnerable people, both male and female, living in urban slums and rural areas, through the many benefits of bamboo. They also have trainings on propagation, nursery management, harvesting and processing of various species of bamboo and production and marketing of high quality products. Most importantly, they teach the process of bamboo treatment and safeguarding the bamboo life after harvesting, with an intention to be a successful example to effect and to transform all the benefits of bamboo into reality in the Kenya community as an Eco- friendly and renewable resource. With the rise of the global warming concern, bamboo is a critical resource as it is very efficient in sequestering carbon and helps in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Bamboo is the strongest growing woody plant on Earth. It can prevent soil erosion, replace atmospheric oxygen and provide domestic fuel source (firewood). Using bamboo to replace timber can save the dwindling forest reserves. It is clear that bamboo is one of the most significant solutions to global warming.

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