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A Poem for a Celebration

KPSP04 Opening Celebration

Last week was an exciting one for KDI as we celebrated the opening of our fourth site in Kibera: KPSP04. We wanted to share with you this new site, but first – for those that were able to attend and for those who were not – we wanted to share some words from the chairman of one of the site’s community groups.

Darius was elected chairman of the group Usalama Bridge Youth Reform, composed of youth from the Laini Saba and Lindi regions of Kibera. KDI’s relationship with Usalama has not always been an easy one, but like any relationship has required a good amount of work and understanding from both sides. As part of the site’s opening, Darius presented a poem he composed for the occasion, which we would like to share with you below:


I. Oh my dear mother K.D.I

Sorry for the hard times you have experienced

A lot of pain concerning me

Spending sleepless nights

Now be happy and rejoice

You gave birth to a wise boy

Your beloved son ‘Usalama’

Thanks my humble mother K.D.I


II. You words of advice

Shades lights on my ways

Your support and tender love

Gives positive thoughts to me

Business knowledge you gave

Makes my future life better

Your commitment and kindness

Makes me proud and happy

Thanks my wise mother K.D.I


III. Through your technical knowledge and design

You build this magnificent project for me

But don’t leave me alone am still young

I need your support

To grow strong and wise

To bare and love my kids as you did to me

Thanks my caring mother K.D.I


IV. I won’t forget you dear mother

You will be always in my heart

In the rest of my life

I hope you will show your love

To my young brother and sisters

Blessing be upon you

My beloved mother K.D.I


Poem narrated and written by Darius at KPSP04 Opening Celebration

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