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Bienvenidos a KDI, Lauren!
Lauren working hard to finish her degree!

Lauren working hard to finish her degree!


We are excited to introduce to you LA’s own summer intern. Each year we have an internship program in Kenya, but this year we are lucky to be able to extend that to our home base here in Los Angeles. Lauren Ewald graduated in May 2013 with a MLA from Kansas State University (located in Manhattan, Kansas). Lauren’s graduate research focused on child development and public spaces in Vistas del Cerro Grande, a low‐income neighborhood in Chihuahua, Mexico, during which she elicited opinions about community public spaces from elementary-aged children in a video-research activity. She recently led a group of sixty students in a guerilla‐urbanism, street transformation called BetterBlock Kansas City. Lauren joins us as a Landscape Architect intern and is thrilled to be working with us on our two projects in the Eastern Coachella Valley. It’s going to be a hot summer! And that’s a good thing!


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