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Trees and Digging and Shade, Oh My!


After months of construction hiatus, this past Saturday the KDI Los Angeles team was joined by Pueblo Unido CDC and St. Anthony community members, young and old, for a day of tree planting. Arriving from Los Angeles at 8 am we were greeted by some of our most committed volunteers, teenage brothers Chris and Angel, who had been up since 6 am ready to dig. Landscape Architect intern, Lauren Ewald, took no time taking charge of the day measuring and identifying the locations of each of the trees, supervising tree hole sizes, making sure the right trees went in the right holes, digging the holes herself, teaching the kids how to secure the trees, and getting interviewed by St. Anthony project documentarian and KDI friend, Grant McFadden. But the day was not all work, we were able to get some play in as well: dancing on stages, testing out jack hammers (note – they are very heavy and KDI staff learned they only have the arm strength to last 2 minutes), and hanging out in the new shade. At the end of the day we had planted 13 trees: 1 ficus, 2 orange trees, 2 blue palo verdes, 2 chitalpas, and 6 mesquites. Saturday we were lucky to have the shade of heavy cloud cover keeping us cool (as cool as you can be in 90 degree weather), but now that relief can come from the trees at the St. Anthony PPS!


Next on our to do list: Shade Structure!

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