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The Toilet Tours, Part II


Our next stop on the Toilet Tours was another UDD toilet built by Umande Trust. Unlike the Sanergy toilet, this one has been in use. It is not a public toilet, though. Instead, it is shared by a block of approximately 50 households. The concept of the UDDT is the same as the Sanergy Fresh Life Toilets, but the implementation is slightly different.

The composting bins are located directly below the toilet. The idea is to close one solids hold for six months to allow it to compost. You can see, though, that a lot of plastic waste has been thrown into the toilet, making composting a challenging prospect. The urine is again collected separately into a second container, but it is obviously full (backing up into the toilet) and left open, contaminating it. They couldn’t tell me what they actually do with the urine, but my guess is they dump it into the river once in a while.

It was good to pay a visit to this private but functioning toilet. I think it exposed us to the challenges of operating these types of toilets in Kibera. We also took away design lessons, should the community choose this type of toilet.


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