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From a mushy trashy ground.

It was not so long since the NNDCGroup started its agro business on its available piece of land, it was a hard task to turn the trashy ground into something useful. This took the unity of the group to start digging out all kind of polythene paper, leather, plastic materials, and broken glass, to prepare strong soil for their need of planting. As this work was ongoing, no one could imagine what was to be the true fruits of the hard  work in which they were engaging themselves. With little knowledge in agriculture, the group went ahead to plant variety of seedlings.  As they continued with the maintenance and care, now they are earning income from the sale of vegetables while also feeding their families from the same garden. They are reaping well from their hard work and getting more than what they ever expected. From a mushy, trashy ground to a green, fertile, and productive ground.

Written by Amos.

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