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Many people talk about development and best practices… but sometimes all this talk becomes a song that can only be heard while actions go unseen.
… There has been lots of action in Kibera.
Currently the Empowerment to Community Foundation (EMCOF), a community-based organization in Gatwekera Village of Kibera, and KDI are working together to achieve the community’s dream of a self-sustainable, public space at Sister’s Bridge. Known as “Site 5” to KDI staff, many nearby residents, influential community members, engineers, and architects participated in several design workshops to plan for Kibera Public Space Project 05. Now, we are beginning to see the fruits of these meetings.

Before we broke the ground on April 27th, 2013, the entire KPSP 05 was host to springs sprouting from every corner. This massive amount of water left the land unfit for building. It took our team engineers and architects several sites visits to establish the best solution that would help achieve the community’s goal. We have since designed and built numerous retaining walls and a spring box that has allowed us to gain control of the site and prepare it for construction. The consolidated water supply from the spring will be diverted to a public laundry washing station while also providing water to a sanitation block with three flush toilets and two showers. The fees collected from this facility will support site maintenance while improving the health and sanitation of the larger community. The public space will also host a multipurpose hall for meetings and other related activities, a widened waterway (to reduce flooding), and business kiosks that will serve the immediate community. Each these projects are aimed at meeting KDI’s mission to empower disenfranchised communities, enhance their quality of life, and improve their environment.
To date, EMCOF and KDI have completed the laundry pad, 80% of the multipurpose structure, expanded the neighboring waterway and just recently started the excavation for the sanitation block.

Written by AMOS.

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