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KPSP07 Design Workshop 01 .

On 23 August, the design process for KPSP07 started. With this first workshop, KDI’s aim was to understand the context of the space.  Through a series of exercises, we asked the 74 community members of the community to provide us with information about the site.

The workshop started with an energetic ice breaker, where a community member led the activity for the rest of the group.   In the meeting, KDI learned that the atmosphere was comfortable, and the community group was enthusiastic about the project.

Unfortunately, this fun-filled, outdoor workshop was cut short as we were blessed with the rains. While some of the members were blessed from the heavens by the rain, others packed ourselves closer together under the tent and others moved breakout activities during the workshop to the safer, drier locations.

By the end of the workshop, KDI and the community understood opportunities within the project.  The workshop adjourned as community members enjoyed sodas in the sun and under clear skies where no one could imagine that it had rained.

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