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KPSP07 Design Workshop 02

The second kibera public space project (KPSP07) workshop happened on the 30 August. The aim of the second workshop was; to capture outstanding information that could not be collected during the first workshop and get the community group to start prioritising the programs (or activities) that they wanted to incorporate in the project.

First we got the group to define a vision statement through a brainstorming session, then from the members present, we formed three discussion groups for them to discuss about the activities they feel might be of much benefits in the community, if incorporated in the project. These groups were formed by the definition of Age for the young members (youths) sex not being an issue in this group, while on the second and third group, female had to be separated from the male counterparts to get non influenced views from these groups.

After the breakout session the whole group discussed the choices each group made and then each individual voted for three activities that they wanted as a community  and five activities were identified for the project.


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