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#TujengeKibera Launch Party

Description: Two weeks ago KDI officially commenced the #TujengeKibera Campaign and competition at Undugu Field. Hundreds of Kibera residents and youth attended the event to learn about the campaign and how to participate.


Image: Poster for the event.

After winning the Rockefeller Storytelling Challenge in July for our short video called “We Have a Life in Kibera”, Kounkuey Design Initiative developed the idea of #TujengeKibera, a competition and social media campaign, which seeks to highlight stories of positive change within Kibera.

The campaign showcases these stories in an attempt to change the one dimensional perception of life in Kibera and its inhabitants. The aim is not to romanticise the experience of living in the settlement but rather to help create a more balanced discussion about it by providing a platform for residents to tell their stories.


Image: Chief Adira.

The launch party provided a forum to tell people about the #TujengeKibera campaign and competition.  The party started in the morning with entertainment which comprised of dance competitions and musical performances by talented local rappers and youth. In the afternoon there was a storytelling session.  A number of KDI’s friends, including  Senior Chief Laini Saba Local AuthorityPatrick Adira , representatives of local MP Ken Okoth, village elders and other significant members of the community shared their stories and celebrated the campaign.  KDI’s community partners also served as storytellers, talking about our joint projects and their socio-economic benefits.

One of the event’s highlights included the appearance of the international rap artist known for his Swahili rhymes, Octopizzo. Octopizzo shared his story about ,  the good and bad parts of  growing up in Kibera. Octopizzo’s story showed the youth that by using one’s talents and working hard you prevail and reach your goals regardless of where you grow up or live.  Before leaving, Octopizzo entertained the crowd with a lyrical freestyle that reminded the audience of the rich dynamics of Kibera. Octopizzo even gave a ‘shout-out’ to KDI colleagues Ibra and Pascal who knew him before he became famous.


Image: Octopizzo.

The fun-filled day culminated in the screening of the Tujenge video and a call to action encouraging Kibera residents to get involved and contribute their stories to the #TujengeKibera Campaign. Residents were given #TujengeKibera application forms and asked to submit stories of positive change to KDI using the #tujengekibera email address or by physically submitting stories to specific drop-off points. The stories submitted should highlight a challenge that residents are addressing in Kibera and say how their work improves the area and their community. The authors of the story would need to say what they think would improve the situation they choose to write about.

As participants send their stories to KDI, we will assess and upload the stories on social media. The best stories will be selected for a second round of the competition. In the second round authors with stories that have the potential to be improved or implemented will be invited to participate in an Request for Proposal (RFP) process to win a cash prize to implement or improve the project or work that is being done in their story.


Image: Video screening.

The campaign continued at Nairobi Design Week the following Friday 20 November 2015 (check out the website here). KDI hosted one of the events of NDW at Undugu Field. The day-long event comprised of different workshops that demonstrate the different ways that KDI is using design, participatory planning and research to address everyday challenges. In the first workshop was an information sharing session with Hoperaisers (from Korogocho), Mustard Seeds (from Dandora), West Empire (from Nairobi West) and other youth group from Kibera like Fruitful Youth Group. The different youth groups gave presentations about the work that they are doing in their settlements and swapped ideas about how to improve youth engagement through their respective work. There was an exhibition space where visitors could learn more about KDI and a workshop about urban flooding as part of one of our ongoing programs. The interactive sessions were followed by entertainment from talented youth from Kibera and a second screening of the #TujengeKibera film.


Image: Youth engagement session.

Program NWD Rough-2

Image: Nairobi Design Week KDI Program.

Since the launch people have started submitting their stories for the competition and there is growing interest around the campaign. There is one week to go until this round of the competition closes on the 7th December. Anyone who is interested in joining the campaign is encouraged to email us at tujenge@kounkuey.org or call Ibrahim Maina for more information or submission forms. KDI looks forward to reading your stories. #TujengeKibera.


Image: NDW Entertainment and video screening.

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