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From Granada to Kibera – meet KDI Kenya’s Architecture Design Coordinator, Jesús Porras Montensino

JESÚS PORRAS MONTESINO is the Architecture Design Coordinator at KDI Kenya since September of 2015. His main project focus is leading the architectural design of the Anwa Academy Productive Public Learning Space in Lindi Village of Kibera, currently in construction.

Having received his degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Granada, Jesús sought experience from around the world, working on commercial projects in Holland and Australia and finding himself as an architect while working on humble and collaborative architecture in India, Peru and Kenya for slums communities. He believes architecture can be used as a tool to improve people’s lives when it engages them throughout the entire process. He is inspired by how slum residents are able to reuse all types of materials in innovative ways. He believes sustainable architecture should utilize materials and labor from no further than 10 miles from the site. 

In his spare time Jesús studies Swahili and explores the city on his black mamba bicycle.

Jesus Porras


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